The Case - [Test Film]

2011-07-10 08:50:58 by Manfreak

I made this over a couple weekends to test out some new camera equipment and software. I also used it to practice all the roles on a film. This was also the first time I composed music for a clip.

Harry Potter is almost over and this song is awesome so I made a cover, enjoy :)


2011-05-17 05:12:26 by Manfreak

Compilation 2010

2011-01-07 20:18:06 by Manfreak

Happy New Year everyone! Here is all my 2D animation work for 2010.

Compilation 2010

Future Genesis - 3D Animation

2010-12-03 19:46:19 by Manfreak

This past six months I've been learning 3D animation at film school and here is what has come out of it. I will be trying to add another minute or more later on, then I'll upload to NG. Enjoy! rL1Y

Also, dont forget to look at my blog for regular updates :D m/

Future Genesis - 3D Animation

Thief: Rents's Due on NEWGOUNDS.COM!!!!

2010-05-14 20:48:10 by Manfreak

Hey everyone. After a few months of my animation being on I have decided to upload here. Please go check it out and vote 5!

Also go have a look at my blog for updates on projects that I am working on. Here is just one of many previews that are on my blog: m/

Thief: Rents's Due on NEWGOUNDS.COM!!!!

After 8 long months I have completed my epic animation based on the thief games.

You can look at the trailer here:

And the full 10 minute movie here: .shtml
(choose the HD option on stickpage for surround sound)

Hope you guys enjoy the movie!

Thief-Rent's Due [On]


2009-07-26 23:59:32 by Manfreak

Im working on another thief cartoon, not that any1 gives a shit roflz.