Entry #8

The Case - [Test Film]

2011-07-10 08:50:58 by Manfreak

I made this over a couple weekends to test out some new camera equipment and software. I also used it to practice all the roles on a film. This was also the first time I composed music for a clip.


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2011-07-10 09:06:49

Pretty awesome. Nice music too, and the editing is great!

Manfreak responds:



2011-07-10 09:10:30

You look like you'd make a good Agent Smith.

Manfreak responds:

Haha, wonders what a pair of sunnies can do :P


2011-07-10 10:43:46

Wonderful tracking shot ... really smooth. Nice :D

Manfreak responds:

Thanks, I spent $200 on the equipment to make shots like that possible so I'm glad it works lol.


2011-07-10 11:12:38

Wow! seriously, that was amazing! In terms of the way it was presented, it was very well done. Brilliant work on the angles and the way the camera tracks, visual effects were a pass. I guess the only thing hindering it is it's strength in acting. Still kudos to you, for the mutliple roles.

Is this for a project work?

Manfreak responds:

Thanks! This was made just to test out some new film equipment and also for general film making practice.


2011-07-10 12:06:19

Overall, it was great for a first action film. I do have a few pointers.
The muzzle flash was way too small. The recoil was also too big. When a gun is shot, it forces itself up and back (that gun was a bit slow and too high for the size), but you want to resist that force (the gun will raise just a bit, but go further back into your shoulder rather than in the air), thus giving the illusion of a real gun. Oh, and the blood didn't look right, so try to improve on that too.

Still, I'm not going to attack you over this, it was still well executed. It did seem just a bit stiff, but I'm sure you will improve.

Manfreak responds:

I appreciate the constructive feedback. I realised the recoil was a bit too unrealistic but I didn't have time to re-shoot anything. I did want it to look a bit more dramatic than a normal gunshot but I went a little too far lol.

The muzzle flash was bigger than most videos like this I've seen but I spose bigger is better :P
...and a I agree, the blood looks like shit. I couldn't really get that to look any better, I figure that's something that needs practical squib effects. I've never seen digital blood been done well.

Thanks for the feedback.


2011-08-31 11:41:31

Dude you can be an awesome actor and you can make a long two hour movie when you get better and better